Special Reports

Here you will find a few of Dr. Kalish’s presentations and reports on lost love. The information below describes each in more detail.

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Note: These presentations were written for different types of audiences and, as such, there is some overlap of information from one report to the next.

PACKAGE 1 (includes downloadable video plus Fact Sheet PDF)
January 2009 – Private Class on Love & Forgiveness
Presented by Dr. Nancy Kalish

Watch this 56-minute video of Dr. Kalish in a live presentation recorded in January, 2009.

  • It includes the stories behind several of the featured couples from The Lost Love Chronicles ebook.
  • Dr. Kalish takes questions from the audience, giving insightful answers to common questions on the topic.

Video is available in Quicktime (.mov) and Windows Media (.wmv) formats for viewing on your computer or portable media player.

With the video, you will also receive a Love & Forgiveness: Lost Love Reunions & Second Chances Fact Sheet (PDF) to enhance Dr. Kalish’s presentation:

  • Myths of Rekindled Romances
  • Reasons for Contacting Long Lost Loves
  • Who Should Avoid Contacting an old flame?
  • Key Things to Remember: Lost Love Tips

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PACKAGE 2 (includes audio MP3 file and Fact Sheet PDF)
March, 2008 – Private Class on Rekindled Romance
Presented by Dr. Nancy Kalish

Listen to Dr. Kalish discuss highlights of her 14 years of research, including:

  • Her search for the first 1001 lost love participants and what she learned from them.
  • The ways that newly reunited couples have changed since the invention of the Web and search engines, and how they stayed the same.
  • Differences between adults who have never tried lost love reunions and those who have.

The audio is 47 minutes and features Dr. Kalish reading several short love stories fromThe Lost Love Chronicles, her new ebook.

With the audio, you will also receive a Rekindled Romance Fact Sheet (PDF) to enhance Dr. Kalish’s discussion:

  • Reasons why the survey participants made contact with their lost loves.
  • Key points and tips to remember.
  • Myths of rekindled romances.
  • Who should avoid a reunion.

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CSUS, 2007 – Adults Who Reunited With Adolescent Sweethearts: A Survey

This article, by Nancy Kalish, Ph.D., was presented at California State University Sacramento, 2007, where Dr. Kalish holds the rank of Professor of Psychology. It was written for a symposium at the university.

Each year, the symposium highlights the work of a different department within the College of Social Sciences & Interdisciplinary Studies. In 2007, the Department of Psychology was featured. Four psychologists, including Dr. Kalish, showcased research on attachment; three of the presentations were overviews of research in the field; Dr. Kalish was the only presenter who discussed her own research.

The attendees were students, staff, and professors from all departments throughout the university, so this presentation was written for a general, educated audience, not for research psychologists.

This article is a good overview of Kalish’s research on lost loves. Some of it may be familiar to you from her other writing, but some of this research is not yet available elsewhere. It includes discussion of her 1993-1996 survey participants from Lost & Found Lovers (William Morrow, 1997), along with newer findings from her 2004-2005 lost love survey of rekindlers. Also included, for comparison, are results from Kalish’s 2005 First Love Survey – a research control group of survey participants who have never tried reunions with lost loves. A brief section of the paper considers some pitfalls of psychotherapy with lost love clients (this is a short summary of Kalish’s WPA paper, offered below).

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Lost Lovers in Therapy

This was an Invited Presentation at the 2003 Western Psychological Association Annual Convention. An “invited presentation” is not a submitted paper; it is an invitation to the researcher, from psychologists on the convention committee, to be featured at the conference. This honor is extended to very few psychology researchers, and indicates the high esteem accorded to Dr. Nancy Kalish by her fellow psychologists.

Lost Lovers in Therapy is based on Dr. Kalish’s many years of research on rekindled romances. It was written for an audience of Clinical Psychologists in particular and is a discussion of how rekindled romances are different from ordinary romances. Dr. Kalish elaborates on mistakes commonly made by psychotherapists when dealing with their lost love clients and, in particular, clients in extramarital relationships.

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