The Lost Love Chronicles: Reunions & Memories of First Love is a collection of never before published lost love narratives, told by the men and women who lived them. Eleven chapter topics include stories about war separations, overcoming disabilities, family disruptions, reunions while married, and men and women who still long for their lost loves. More than 250 pages, these are the best of the lost love stories that have been submitted to Dr. Kalish over the last few years.

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Reader Comments

I felt that my story was being told in any number of ways throughout the Lost Love Chronicles. I still have a warm feeling of gratitude and recognition generated by the many insights contained in the book. Having had the experience of a classic first love, I deeply appreciate your having elucidated its elements and poignant emotions, from the unique beginnings through the prolonged and persistent endurance of a wonderful part of my life. I have shared the insights with any number of friends and acquaintances over the years, to their pleasure and mine.

I shall be grateful for your efforts for the remainder of my life.

My lost love reunion ended very badly. It took me several years to recover (physically, financially, and emotionally) from the sadness, anger, and humiliation – and the complete loss of my long-time dream to be together again forever. So I didn’t know if I would like reading stories about rekindled romances. But the stories in The Lost Love Chronicles are so compelling that they drew me in, and I couldn’t put down the book. I feel like I met a lot of new friends in the book, people like me who understand the highs and lows of these reunions. I surprisingly loved this book and I recommend it most highly!

This (the ebook) wasn’t something I was going to buy. I am a hardcover diehard. I don’t even like paperback books, let alone computer books. But I bought it at a friend’s suggestion and printed it, and I’m really glad I did! That old saying that you can’t judge a book by its cover (although The Lost Love Chronicles has a great cover) is so true. A book has to be judged by its contents. So set aside your prejudices about ebooks and treat yourself to some great stories.

About The Lost Love Chronicles – FANTASTIC – I just LOVE it! It has such a wonderful balance of stories from every point of view.

Sweet poems, sad stories, angry stories, supernatural occurrences, fairy tale reunions, funny situations, this book has it all. The best collection of love stories I have EVER read!!

Marvelous! I finished reading The Chronicles this weekend. Couldn’t touch anything else until I finished it all. I continued to find almost all the entries to be very compelling, and was amazed at the depth of some of the feelings that came across in the writing. I like the way you arranged entries into the chapters. It really added some form to all the memories. Loved your selection for the last entry about the girl with the silver laugh.

I finally printed the ebook this week and have begun reading it. I can hardly put it down! Each one is like a short story. Your editing is excellent, and I really like your chapter introductions. Some of the stories are so moving, they bring tears to my eyes. Makes me wonder what it would be like if I ever met my first love again!

Couldn’t put it down! Forgot to eat, forgot to sleep – just sat reading, mesmerized by the terrific narratives in this book. Dr. Kalish said it took her several years to collect and edit these stories. Well, her time was well spent! Thanks, Dr. K!!