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A downloadable audiobook version (MP3 format), narrated by Nancy Kalish, Ph.D, is now available. If you do not have a broadband internet connection or wish to have a physical copy, a CD version is also available (see below).

The Lost Love Chronicles: Reunions & Memories of First Love is a collection of lost love narratives, told by the men and women who lived them. Eleven chapter topics include stories about war separations, overcoming disabilities, family disruptions, reunions while married, and men and women who still long for their lost loves. Dr. Kalish reads the heartwarming, poignant stories from the book. In addition, each chapter opens with snippets from the song “Restless Longing”, by Gary Charles (more info), which was inspired by the original Lost and Found Lovers book.

The audiobook includes an exclusive bonus: updated interviews with several of the couples from the original Chronicles book! Dr. Kalish recorded these special telephone interviews so you can hear, for the first time, updates to their stories right from the participants themselves. This bonus is only available for purchasers of the audiobook edition.

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