Phone ConsultationsSPECIAL OFFER! With your consultation, you will receive 2 free ebooks by Dr Kalish: “Lost & Found Lovers” and “The Lost Love Chronicles”.

Dr. Kalish has many years of experience as a university psychology professor, researcher, author, and guest speaker, including providing consultations to men and women who have had a lost love situation touch their lives. She has talked with people who are dealing with a wide range of lost love issues: reunited couples dealing with angry children; couples caught between their reunions and their marriages; people who feel devastated by a reunion breakup; betrayed spouses who would like to understand why lost love issues affected their marriages; and newly reconnected lost loves for whom the outcome is still unknown.

Dr. Kalish is a psychology professor and researcher. She does not reunite couples, find lost people, or tell anyone to leave a marriage. She is sensitive to the confusion, self-blame, sadness, and anger of men and women whose marriages are being damaged by their spouses rekindling old flames. She has been able to bring some comfort to these family members by explaining the phenomenon of lost loves.


A personal conversation with Dr. Kalish can be scheduled as a telephone (USA only) or email consultation, in one hour sessions.

If you would like to schedule a consultation, click the link below to fill out an online request. Dr. Kalish will contact you with fee information and further details to schedule your appointment, using the email address you give when you fill out the online form.

***Phone consultations are available to U.S. residents only. International consultations must be done via email.

These consultations are for your information only. They are not psychotherapy. Your relationships with your parents and your lifelong traumas will not be explored, nor will you focus on personality change. Your lost love issues will be discussed in the contexts of your adolescent romance and your current circumstances. Dr. Kalish will share her insights from her years of working with men and women in lost love reunions.

In accordance with the ethical guidelines of the American Psychological Association, of which Nancy Kalish, Ph.D. is a longstanding and active member, testimonials from clients may not be posted, and all information that you provide will be strictly confidential.