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Dr. Nancy Kalish's Announcements, Appearances, and Events
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Icon 1   Another Lost Love Article (DrNancyKalish)
A forum that pertains to this web site's management and membership. Members should occasionally reread the old posts, by resetting the default, as a reminder of why the site functions the way it does.
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This is not a message forum. It is a central place where each member can post his or her love story, for the convenience of new members and long-time members with short memories, to read a brief synopsis of each member's situation.
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Icon 1   International LL (Lotus)
Reunited Couples
Are you happily reunited with your Lost and Found Lover? Want to share your story? This is the place!
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Icon 1   Re: Question for the Reunited:...
Attempting to Rekindle
This forum is for "works in progress" -- a new reconnection with a lost love that has you confused and wondering if you have a future together. Is your Lost Love giving you mixed signals?
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Icon 1   Re: The Alphabet Soup of...
Recovering from Lost Love
It is very painful to reconnect with a lost love, then lose that person again. If you are married, the likelihood that this will happen to you is high. Or maybe you just need to stop obsessing on a lost love and move on. Share your feelings, or your story, with others who will understand your confusion, shock, anger, sadness, and maybe even relief. MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED
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Icon 1 
Healing Your Marriage (NEW)
Many people have good marriages before a lost love intrudes. Marriages CAN survive lost love affairs. Maybe the reunion was a mistake for you. If you let go of your lost love and chose to remain in your marriage, tell others how you are successfully healing your marriage. This forum is for general marriage tips that others can use, so it is an open forum.
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Icon 1   Re: just a little vent (Empty1)
Staying Married (probably)
Part 1 -- Married/Secret Lost Loves forum: MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED
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Leaving the Marriage (probably)
Part 2 --Married/Secret Lost Loves forum: MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED
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Icon 1 
Crisis/Totally Confused! (NEW)
Not all days are manageable. Lost loves, marriages, children, careers, and even health issues have a way of colliding. Need immediate support? Start here!
1344 36351
Icon 1 
Betrayed Partner - Spouse Cheated With an Old Flame
Did your spouse have an affair when an old flame came back? Are you confused, blaming yourself, furious, depressed and devastated? Tell us about your loss and how you are surviving this betrayal.
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Icon 1   Re: Lost Love Story #2 (SkiToMe)
Old Flames in Popular Culture
Rekindled romance is a popular theme in books, movies, TV, and songs. When lost love obsession is overwhelming, come here to pick a movie or song to cry over.
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Icon 1   Re: WWII Veteran Plans 10,000-Mile...
Thirtysomething/ Singles
This forum serves 2 separate purposes: 1) Younger adults may have different reunion issues than people in their fifties and up. You may post those concerns here. 2) Are you single and your lost love is single? Please post your issues here. MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED
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