Dr. Kalish offers several books, reports, and other selections through her website. These can be purchased here at LostLovers.com through our authorized retailer, 2CheckOut.

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Dr. Kalish Books


Dr. Kalish has written two books, Lost & Found Lovers and the follow up, Lost Love Chronicles. Use the links below to learn more about available formats and purchasing options.

Lost & Found Lovers book


Lost Love Chronicles


Dr. Kalish Books


In 2008, Dr. Kalish recorded an audio version of her second book, “The Lost Love Chronicles: Reunions & Memories of First Love“. This audiobook is now available as downloadable MP3 files or on CD.

Dr. Kalish Books


Here you will find a few of Dr. Kalish’s presentations and reports on lost love.

Dr. Kalish Books


Dr. Nancy Kalish is delighted to feature musician and poet Gary Charles and his first album, Journal Entry, here at Lostlovers.com.