May 1, 2012

Seeking reunited couples from MN for a lost love news story in MN newspaper.

If you would be willing to speak with a newspaper journalist, please contact me for details. Very tight deadline, so ASAP!

Dr Nancy Kalish


February 16, 2012

Wow. I haven’t updated in a long time — sorry!  I started classes last Fall and got busy at the university and with my website forums and blog, Sticky Bonds, at

If you haven’t read the articles I’ve posted at Sticky Bonds, take a look; it’s a good place to read about lost love issues (and an occasional blog post about other things) from many angles.

My research is still popular, especially around this time of year. Last Friday morning from 1-2 am, I was on a very popular call-in radio show, The John Murray Show, live in Dublin, Ireland; it was 9-10 am over there.  I had no trouble staying awake for the radio show (I had coffee in my Oprah “Thanks for Being on the Show!” mug), but I was worried someone would call in and I wouldn’t understand their accented English or Irish expressions. It went well, with lots of callers sharing happy reunion stories! I will post the full interview on this website soon, under Media.

The Irish radio show found me through the Irish newspaper, The Independent, which did a story on lost loves after interviewing me by email.

Yesterday morning at 2 am, I had an interview for an article to appear in the  newspaper Welt am Sonntag, in Berlin, Germany. It will be in print on Sunday and, shortly thereafter, will appear online… it’s in German, of course (my interview was in English).

I’m tired!

 Closer to home (Texas), The Austin American-Statesman published an article that included my work on February 9; it was a long interview — focused on childhood friends who became romantically involved as adults — but short mention in the actual article; that’s how it goes sometimes. I enjoy talking to people about my research, so short or long, normal hours or early in the morning, I have fun doing this.

I don’t have classes this semester, so time to relax a little. But I still keep busy writing, doing lost love consultations, taking care of a very large and rambunctious puppy, and going to the movies (a long time ago, I wrote movie and theater reviews for a weekly newspaper).

I hope your weather is as beautiful as we have here. Enjoy.

Dr Nancy Kalish


August 9, 2011

Dear Friends old and new,

My professional life slows down in August, without classes to teach, but I have been very busy keeping an eye on my new puppy  — so she doesn’t chew up the house!

Media stories on lost loves have been focusing recently on social networking reunions. There was an article July 18, 2011 in The Deseret News, Salt Lake City, UT,  on “accidental affairs,”

and an article on similar issues in Bloomberg View, July 14, 2011.

Although it’s true that accidental lost love affairs are a problem, let’s not forget the reunions that aren’t messy: couples who were single, divorced and widowed when they reconnected.

I was also interviewed by a reporter for The Irish Examiner  and for an article in Dagens Nyheter, Sweden’s largest newspaper, Slate DoubleX, and The Chicago Tribune.

I continue to write for my blog at, Sticky Bonds, so remember to take a look at the numerous articles there.

Are you a lurker? Do you read the Members’ Forums on a regular basis but have not joined? Most of the members feel comfortable only writing in the closed forums, so you are missing a lot. The price per year to access the entire website and post your own messages is a real bargain — less than the cost of one latte a month. Come join the conversations!

Stay cool.

Dr Nancy Kalish


May 13, 2011


Since Valentine’s Day, I have done quite a number of interviews about rekindled romance. My research has appeared in SEMANA (the leading news magazine in Columbia, South America); Laura (a women’s magazine in Germany); and Ser Padres (a parenting magazine in Spain).

I have also interviewed for Marie Claire, Family Circle, and Glamour, but I don’t know when those articles will appear.

Some of my research appears in stories without direct interviews with me, which is fine! Many of these articles and blogs will be posted online and I don’t even know about them. Google Alerts catches some for me, but not all. Today, Vicki Larson, a blogger for The Huffington Post, now part of AOL,  wrote a blog that cites my book and research:

I hope your spring day is as sunny as mine today.

Dr Nancy Kalish


February 11, 2011

We must be getting close to Valentine’s Day…. my interviews are picking up. Here is a short article about my research findings, published February 9, 2011, in The Gazette, a series of community newspapers covering 40 locations in Maryland.

There is also an article about rekindled romances and my research, along with a sidebar, in the Canadian newspaper, The Ottawa Citizen, February 10, 2011. I chatted with her for quite a while; I didn’t realize she would put my parents’ story in the article, but I am glad she did. My mom will love it.


Dr Nancy Kalish


January 13, 2011

Happy New Year!  (so far, so good)

In the new Divorce section of The Huffington Post, Beverly Willet has an interesting article on “the one who got away.” My research is briefly mentioned.

Next month, a lost love interview with me will appear in Ser Padres (Parents’ magazine),  published in Spain. And with Valentine’s Day coming soon, expect other rekindled romance stories to appear, so check again soon for more information.


October 27, 2010

I was interviewed today for a lost love article that will appear in Women’s Weekly, a magazine in Australia. Time zone difference? No problem. I interviewed at 11:30 pm (Wednesday), which was 5:30 pm (Thursday) in Sydney. This was one of those rare times when my late night work habit was useful.

The article will appear in January, 2011.


October 16, 2010



I will appear in a lost love reunion story on NBC Los Angeles, interviewed by Patrick Healy, on Sunday October 24, 2010.



I will also be a guest on Your Time With Kim Iverson, aired live in 9 cities, on Monday evening, October 18, 2010.



Please see the NBC and Iverson websites for information about air times. The interviews will be posted on this website later on.


October 8, 2010

Hello from Sacramento!

It’s a new semester, my undergraduate and graduate classes are in full swing, so I am offering a back-to-school book sale:

* Through October, The Lost Love Chronicles and Lost & Found Lovers ebooks can be purchased for $9.95 — a $5 savings!    Order the Ebooks

* The Lost Love Chronicles audio download and CD formats are both on sale for $14.95 — a $5 savings!      Order the Audiobook

* Also, until October 31, new members who join the Member Forums will receive a free ebook of Lost & Found Lovers!    Join Here

The comments that I hear most from readers of my website, books, and articles are, “Thank you! I thought I was crazy!” and, “We thought we were the only people who ever experienced this!” After 16 years of research, mail from thousands of couples who have contacted me, and unwavering media interest, I can assure you that you are not alone.

Lost Love Reunions in the News

* I was recently interviewed for a website article at Family Goes Strong, an NBC Universal Inc. afiliate.

* A new magazine will launch this month, called Chic Mom, and I am included in a lost love article.

* Men’s Health will feature a rekindled romance article in their December, 2010, issue, and I was interviewed for that story.

* Redbook has an article in process.

And there has been international interest in reunions, too. Recent interviews with me were included in:

* The Daily & Sunday Express (England/Scotland)

* Weinerin (Austria)

* Please stop by and see the new articles at my Psychology Today blog, Sticky Bonds, at  The editors have chosen my articles numerous times for their Home page, under Essential Reads: Today’s Top Blog Posts. My Sticky Bonds articles have also been reprinted at other blogs.

But beware: don’t believe that every article with my name in it is accurate! My articles are rewritten as content for other websites and blogs, often without my knowledge, and my views are sometimes distorted to suit the website or blog owner’s agenda. Or, a journalist may have submitted a story with correct facts, but the editors may change the wording so much that the article does not resemble my point of view at all!


July 13, 2010

Hi to all,

I hope you are having a great summer.

I am thinking back to the wonderful memories I have of my trip to Australia, last summer, to be on 60 Minutes. You can watch the segment at under the Media section.

Today there is a very short interview with me, about rekindled romances, posted at The editor requested that I write 150 words to sum up the entire topic! This is the South Africa edition of the online magazine.

The topic of lost and found love is popular across the globe, holding a universal appeal.

Enjoy these summer days. Stay cool. More from me another time.


June 30, 2010


Lost love is always a hot topic in the media, and it’s especially hot in June! I was just interviewed for a news article on reunions, and this may be a good opportunity for you, too. The journalist would like to include an interview with a couple who recently reunited on Facebook: she seeks happy endings only, and no affairs/broken marriages in the path of the reunion.

And a journalism graduate student in New York has set out a difficult task for herself this summer. She is writing her thesis on couples who were married and divorced, then years later remarried each other again. She would like to interview a divorced/remarried couple in the Northeast.

If either of these interviews is right for you, or if you know someone who might be interested, please contact me for more details. As always with the media, deadlines are pressing.


May 25, 2010

Hi Friends,

It’s been a difficult year for California and for the state university. Because of draconian budget reductions, we all taught extra classes, had no staff support, no paper or ink to copy our exams (so we paid for our own). Students were angry about tuition increases and faculty felt demoralized by “furloughs”/salary cuts. So I am glad the semester is behind me, and for the first time, I will not be teaching summer school. A real vacation!

But it’s not a vacation from I hope to catch up on my lost love research and complete what I need to do to submit it to a journal. And I will have extra time to devote to the member forums and to phone consultations.


February 11, 2010

I was interviewed recently by a popular Polish website, Wirtualna Polska, and the article was posted today. The interview was conducted in English by email, then translated into Polish. If you would like to read the article, enter this url into Google Translator and it will show you the English.,1342,title,32-latka-zostawilam-meza-dla-pierwszej-milosci,wid,11958102,wiadomosc.html


January 29, 2010

Happy New Year!

I was interviewed today by Chip Rowe, host of The Playboy Advisor Show, on Sirius/XM radio. This was the second time I have been on Playboy radio, and my survey findings have appeared twice in the magazine, too. I have been pleased with how my romance research has been presented by Playboy, and I have received good feedback from readers and listeners: men who are usually uncomfortable talking about their romantic feelings wrote to tell me about their lost loves and how much these women meant to them.

Over the last generation, it became widely accepted that women are as interested in sex as men are. But there still seems to be a bias that men don’t — or shouldn’t — have the same romantic feelings as women. People differ in how important romance or sex is to them, but it’s not based on their gender. Both men and women have the same needs; gender roles only keep us from expressing our full natures.

Fortunately, expectations of what it means to be masculine or feminine are less restrictive now than years ago. But there are still stereotypes: you might think that Playboy would focus on sex, but that topic never came up in my interviews. We spoke about attachments, about love and loss — universal concerns for us all.


December 16, 2009

Not much new here in Lost Love Land.

Around the holidays, many people with lost love concerns are more anxious, confused, or sad than usual, and a community of like-minded men and women can be helpful; new members have been joining the Member Forums, so there are numerous high spirited, enthusiastic (okay, obsessive) threads and posts for you to read.

Most activity is centered in the private forums and, try as I might to convince members to post in the open, they usually don’t. There is great benefit from reading how others handled their lost love issues, so even if you don’t intend to post messages yourself, why not join the website and read the conversations?

In addition, I am available for phone consultations, as always, and I will have added time to talk with clients after my classes end, on Friday.

Even finding the right gift can be challenging. Lost & Found Lovers, the audiobook CD of The Lost Love Chronicles, and the music of Gary Charles on Journal Entry all make thoughtful gifts for a lost love.

The holiday period is joyous, too, of course. To those of you who are currently celebrating Chanukah, as I am, and to those who will be celebrating Christmas and New Year’s very soon, I wish you all a happy, healthy, safe and prosperous 2010!

Dr Nancy Kalish


October 22, 2009

A very short segment about lost love reunions appeared today on CNN and on I was filmed at California State University, Sacramento, but CNN was unable to provide a local camera crew. I was asked to do the interview using Skype.

Our Public Affairs Office set up lights (their own) and a computer, no external camera. As a result, my appearance came out sort of blurry with some image distortion (and much of what I had to say didn’t air). But the producer tells me that she thinks it looks fine and it was the most popular posted video at

The story’s message is good, and if you want to see what I really look like, there are more flattering pictures of me online.

A short comment on Kurt’s story: it’s tragic that his lost love died so young. But I don’t think he truly understands how a reunion with her might have affected his good marriage.


September 21, 2009

Tomorrow morning, Tuesday, I will appear in a lost love segment on Good Morning America, 8 am PT/ET.

Unfortunately, I did not get the opportunity to go to NYC; the segment was taped at California State University, Sacramento. Just as well; I have classes to teach. So, by the magic of television, I can be in two places at once.

For those of you who are already at work at 8 am (and for those of you who, like me, usually sleep through the morning shows), the segment will be posted at the Good Morning America website and also here at


September 6, 2009

I interviewed for a story on lost loves for the Mercury News in San Jose, CA, and it ran on August 28, 2009.

Someone emailed me tonight and told me a story about my work was featured today in The Reading Eagle in Reading, PA. I was not contacted by a reporter from this newspaper, so my guess is that they reran a lost love article from another newspaper, possibly The Mercury News.


September 1, 2009

Okay, so a guy goes into a bar…

No, this is not a joke.

So in June, my Sacramento friends’ son goes into a bar with some friends, in Papua New Guinea. He is an anthropology professor, completing some research there. And the TV in the bar is on. So an anchor on the TV show starts talking about lost loves.

“I know someone who does research on that,” Alex says to his friends.

And then, there I am, in Papua New Guinea! They were seeing the lost love segment I taped for 60 Minutes in Australia. I would never have known it was shown in Papua New Guinea except for Alex’s chance viewing.

I never know where my interviews will pop up. But I can see the countries of viewers of this website. The majority of viewers come from the US, Canada, and Australia. No surprise there, perhaps. But since this redesigned website was launched in June, there have also been many viewers from Russian Federation, India, Belgium, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia, followed by France, Japan, China, Israel, Kenya, Egypt, Turkey, and 40 other countries. Who knew?


June 23, 2009
G’day, Mates,

I just returned from Sydney, Australia! I was invited to be the expert for a segment about lost loves on 60 Minutes (AU TV Channel 9). Everyone involved in this project was wonderful to me, and the production was flawlessly professional. Hugh Nailon was the producer, and I was interviewed by media celebrity Liz Hayes.

Dr Nancy Kalish Meets Sleepy Koala in Sydney

I spent one and a half days being interviewed, then did a bit of sightseeing for 2 days before I had to return home. The sleepy koala (pictured) lives in the Sydney Wildlife habitat, next door to a wonderful aquarium, featuring the unusual animals and insects of Australia. I took in Sydney Harbor, with the famous Opera House, and then went by ferry to the beach at Manly. My last day there, I went to

the New South Wales Library to see a Darwin exhibit. I heard rekindled romance stories from several people I met along the way.

The lost love segment was broadcast on 60 Minutes on Sunday, June 21, 2009, in Australia and New Zealand.

Right after it aired, I appeared as their WebGuest (from California, at 3:30-4:30 am!) in a live chat about reunited lost loves. Viewers wrote questions, then I answered them by phone, talking to someone from 60 Minutes who posted my answers. The viewers asked really good questions.  Click here to view the chat session transcript.

Other countries might air the segment at a later date, but not the US. Meanwhile,you may view it here or just click the play button on the Featured Video on the right side of this page.


June 5, 2009
Greetings to Visitors and Faithful Members:

If you have visited here before, you will notice that has been completely remodeled. The change in style reflects a more modern look, as well as the changes in the lost love topic itself over the years.

Popular features from the old version of this site – the Member Forums, Photo Gallery, Famous Couples – remain. Please visit the Homepage and enjoy the new articles.

I hope you like the new design!

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