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Dr. Nancy Kalish has written two books about rekindled romances, based on her international survey of several thousand participants spanning 12 years.

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Dr. Kalish offers one hour consultations to anyone who wishes to discuss their lost love issues.

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What do you really know about rekindled romance?

Famous Couples

Which celebrities & other famous people have made the connection with Lost Loves?

7 Myths of Lost Love Reunion

Why reunited couples feel “crazy”.

Are Men Romantic?

We too often define “romantic” in women’s terms – the flowers and cards, saving items and putting them in a scrapbook or listening to romantic songs all day long.

Seniors Who Reunite With Old Flames

Rekindled romances are not a new phenomenon.

Facebook "Surveillance" of Ex Partners Thwarts Healing

Previous research has indicated that continuing contact with a romantic partner after the breakup causes distress.

A Grandfather Clause For Affairs?

In my worldwide research, with thousands of couples, I learned that some people feel remorse over their lost love affairs and some don’t.

Does Everyone Secretly Yearn for a Lost Love?

Most people don’t and the reasons may surprise you!

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Dr. Kalish recently wrote an article published on the Bottom Line website. Click the link below to view:
You Can Reconnect With A Long-Lost Love